Monday, November 18, 2019

No tpoic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

No tpoic - Essay Example There are chances of redundancy when using cellular phones especially for low volume or emergency calls. Mobile satellite transmission can serve as a backup or diverse routing while microwave transmission is a way of promoting redundancy-building connections in either town or colleges. Lower-frequency radio and infrared transmitters connect desktop and server networks. In deed, time and cost of reconnecting networks after a crisis occurs is saved. For communication to continue, transfer of calls to another company location is the solution. However, this is possible if the equipment has the capability of accommodating the extra volume and the existence of enough operators. Commercial call centers help in preventing overflow traffic and most of them operate like data center hot locations whose fee structure resemble each other. This helps in the possibility of receiving messages, forwarding calls, explaining situations, and if with the qualification, taking orders and answering technical questions. Kobe earthquake affects majority of United States and Japan firms directly in reference to raw materials thus reducing production in a notable rate. Further, there is reduced suppliers, inflation, and mismanaged delivery schedule. To solve this problem, a sole supplier must be identified and equip warehouse to handle any delays in supply resulting from any crisis. Another problem is limited manufacturing machinery and knowledgeable personnel majorly because of unpredictable weather and natural calamities. If the possibility of transferring operation to another site within the company is inhibited, it is advisable to arrange with contract manufacturing company to produce and resemble the product. These arrangements should be made early enough and the vendor informed in time. Vendors should be used to supply small quantities for quality checking, minimize ramp-up time, and make the vendor informed

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