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Case Study on Attempted Improvements to a Community...

Written in an interview format, this case illustrates the challenges and opportunities faced by a mid-level Public Administrator seeking to improve the performance of the community planning division. In 1983, Laura Shwartz became Chief of Community Planning Section of a large metropolitan county, County of Bend which covers a territory of 2,310 square miles and a pop. Of 1,269,700, which is responsible for long–term land use decisions. The department also deals with agricultural preservation, single family areas, and high density development. The department makes recommendations to the city council on future growth patterns of the county in consultation with a Citizen Committee to established goals and applied various zones to an area.†¦show more content†¦Retooling the staff so that it would be able to predict problems and work with communities and development interests of other public agencies was her number one priority. Teams that are cohesive, productive, and eff icient, whose members enjoy doing their work and working together, are a result of managers developing and leading teams that work in these ways. Successful teams are cohesive because team members work cooperatively, sharing common goals as well as the resources to achieve them. They are productive, because they have clarity on the common goal and purpose. The manager in the case determined this to be the first priority in her efforts to turn the department around. She helped the staff decide wither they wanted to be a part of her vision for the department. She accomplished by clearly identifying her goals and objectives then had them make a clear choice, you’re either in or you’re out, shifting the focus from skills and talents of the existing staff to their priorities and values. They are efficient because tasks are assigned in a way that takes into account the broader picture and strategy, rather than letting the team be dominated by near sighted tasks that did not produce a valuable product to their customers, shifting from policy recommendations based on research to active negotiations with communities. NowShow MoreRelatedAccounting12472 Words   |  50 PagesErnst Young â€Å"Business Leaders of Tomorrow† Case Contest Bigg Glowbell (BG) Case Study Table of Contents Table of Contents ................................................................................................................................................ 1 Assignment Background .................................................................................................................................. 2 Bigg-Glowbell Overview ..................................................Read MoreWhat are Green Roofs?770 Words   |  3 Pagespresence of green roofs. Similar kind of study was done on the urban ecosystems of green roofs, examining the biotic and abiotic components that contributes to overall ecological systems (Oberndorfer, Lundholm, Bass, Coffman, Doshi, 2007). Though green roofs are beneficial in water retention and varying the roof temperature according to the surrounding temperature, it highly depends for these attributes on its design (Simmons, Gardiner, Windhager, 2008). A case study on Fencing Academy of PhiladelphiaRead MoreSanta Marta Settlement Of A Farm O wned By Francisco Jose Leite6600 Words   |  27 Pagesexperience intervention from the two complementary State-led programs aforementioned; the Rio-Cidade Program or Rio City Program and the Favela-Barrio Program (Soter, 1996). It has a community of approximately 5,000 persons (E. Duarte, personal communication, December 24, 2015; Minoja, 2012) and 1,370 homes. The community of Santa Marta is located in the Botafogo district in the south zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro and is approximately 54,692 m2 in size. Its boundaries are well defined and provideRead MoreUrban Population And Urban Development8095 Words   |  33 Pageswhich to further situate the case-study settlement of Santa Marta. To understand it history and morphology over intersecting scales which indicate how and why this settlement has progressively consolidated, as well as attempting to understand the more recent processes and practices whereby this ‘informal’ settlement has come to be, arguably, an integrated, ordered and coherent settlement. The focus is on what the current reality can tell us about order, coherence and planning practice within these settlementsRead MorePioneers in Management4526 Words   |  19 Pages7. Max Weber - Father of Bureaucratic 8. Mary Parker Follet - Formulated the Principle of Coordination and focused her study on Behavioral Mgt. model 9. Chester Barnard - formulated the Acceptance Theory of Authority known also as Efficient-Effective theory Read MoreGrameenphone Recruitment5559 Words   |  23 Pagesview, tele-com-a technical profession- can be termed as industry. Services to its customers are the products of tele-communication industry besides being a pivotal factor in promoting capital formation in the country. In this report, we have attempted to find out the recruitment process and personnel forecasting of both Aktel and Grameenphone, and tried to compare the similarities and differences between the companies. We have focused on the management process and human resource sector of bothRead MoreCase 5 Essay13634 Words   |  55 Pages511 CASE Can This Relationship Be Saved? The Midwestern Medical Group’s Integration Journey Introduction 5 On a snowy January evening, the Midwestern Medical Group (MMG) management team held a retirement party for Judith Olsen, MMG president. During the evening, Olsen reï ¬â€šected back on the years she had worked for MMG with mixed feelings about her experience. Over the course of their eight-year integration This case was written by Rhonda Engleman and Jisun Yu under the supervision of ProfessorRead MoreThe Need for Quality Metrics in Green Construction Companies4272 Words   |  18 PagesStatement Despite their long-standing success in the traditional construction, CCI has struggled to increase their market share since making the shift to green building, despite a high volume of new business projects, and their solid reputation in the community. The procurement team, who was accustomed to the practice of offsetting labor costs with inferior product selection and economizing projects to maximize value, recognized the need for evaluation. Their investigation revealed two critical areasRead MoreHurricane Katrin The United States6790 Words   |  28 Pages had a capacity of a mere 10,000 people, leaving thousands more to fend for themselves. Desperate for clean water, food, and shelter, many of these people broke into the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center Complex searching for relief. Others attempted to cross the city connector bridge to a nearby suburb only to be forced back by police officers (â€Å"Hurricane Katrina†, 2015). The city of New Orleans fell into an anarchist style government with riots and looting a common occurrence. The countryRead MoreImproving Patient Outcomes2763 Words   |  12 Pagesbased on the decisions of the nurse and the interdisciplinary team. The new goal in healthcare is for outcomes to be patient centered. This means that the patient is looked at holistically and also that the patient is equally involved in the care planning process as the nursing and medical staff. This topic allows for nurses and nursing students to apply to Goodwin College curriculum framework based on the â€Å"Wellness Model† and â€Å"QSEN†. The nurse must collaborate with the patient and other members

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