Thursday, January 23, 2020

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Vitiated Passion Throughout the world many people search for their perfect companion. In the pursuit of their soul mate, they face the possibility of choosing the wrong person. This can result in a destructive relationship not only for the couple, but for their offspring as well. In Emily Bronte’s novel Wuthering Heights, readers follow the story of two families and the trials they faced as a result of calamitous relationships between children and their parents, spouses, and within themselves. Parents who don’t care at all, care very little, or lack any sense of sympathy are a reoccurring element in Wuthering Heights. Heathcliff joining the Earnshaw family caused Mr. Earnshaw to neglect his son Hindley. Which completely disassociated father and son. This separation lasted until the death of Mr. Earnshaw and continued to affect Hindley, even when it came to his relationship with Hareton. Hindley became such a drunken gambler that he couldn’t connect with or care for his son, leaving that care eventually to Heathcliff, who also had a son. Linton and Heathcliff’s relationship was in such ruin that Heathcliff’s only interest in his son was to fulfill his desire of revenge against the Linton and Earnshaw families. Linton proves his father’s oppression when saying, â€Å"†¦my father threatened me, and I dread him! I dread him!† The detachment and enmity expressed in this novel show that callous parents may instigate severe damage in the relationships they share with their children. This psychological damage can then ultimately carry on for the duration of each child’s life. When finding that perfect someone, it is common to miss the truth hidden behind the faà §ade a person portrays. If one marries into a relationship where the depth of understanding shared between the two persons is limited, they risk further emotional and relational destruction. Isabella married Heathcliff seeing him as a gentleman—finding out too late that his true demeanor was that of a brute. She proclaimed her discovery when saying in a letter, â€Å"Is Heathcliff a man? If so, is he mad? And if not, is he a devil? I shan’t tell my reasons for making this inquiry; but I beseech you to explain, if you can, what have I married†¦?† The relationship shared between Isabella and Heathcliff carried little knowledge of the other person and ultimately damaged each person. Similarly, Catherine married Edgar with a desire to please herself through stability. She knew him very little, but was content in knowing he cared for her, had a house, and would provide ample support of her throughout her life.

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